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2x Custom website stickers with the gen7 Celica (or any car) outline.

(you will recieve 1x car facing left and 1x right, unless you state otherwise)

To state the text color and outline color leave a note during payment or send us a message after purchase.

We can change colours and size at no extra cost.

standard Size : 18 cm (length)
standard colour : White
standard Font : Number 44 (with forward slant)

External fitment as standard but reversed stickers for inside window fitment can be made if stated at check out,.

These are the sizes available for this sticker.

Sizes refer to the longest part of the sticker

12cm (120mm) Long

14cm (140mm) Long

16cm (160mm) Long

18cm (180mm) Long

21cm (210mm) Long

we can do this sticker in any size between 12cm and 21cm long if you just let us know.

Toyota Parts NI Website sticker x2 (any car outline of your choice)

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