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Mr2 AW11 and AE86 1.6 16v timing belt and tensioner kit for the 4age engine.

Fits the following models:

TOYOTA CELICA Coupe (_T16_) 1.6 GT 16V (AT160_)CoupePetrol04/198608/1989FWD1612491TOYOTA CELICA Hatchback (_T16_) 1.6 GT (AT160_)HatchbackPetrol08/198708/1989FWD1611685TOYOTA CELICA Hatchback (_T16_) 1.6 GT 16V (AT160_)HatchbackPetrol09/198508/1989FWD1612491TOYOTA COROLLA Compact (_E9_) 1.6 GTi (AE92, AE93)HatchbackPetrol08/198710/1994FWD1611685TOYOTA COROLLA FX Compact (E8B) 1.6 GT 16V (AE82_)HatchbackPetrol08/198508/1987FWD1612189TOYOTA MR2 I (AW1_) 1.6 16V (AW11)CoupePetrol11/198406/1990RWD1611685TOYOTA MR2 I (AW1_) 1.6 16V

TOYOTA MR2 AW11 Corolla AE86 Timing belt kit 1.6 84 to 90 4age

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